Online Community

The Portland Aspergers Networks has a moderated Internet chat group on Yahoo Groups named "PDXAspergersNetwork" comprised primarily of parents from around Oregon and SW Washington. Group members ask questions, receive feedback, share stories about their children and exchange information about everything from preparing for IEP meetings to medications.

Notices about all our activities are posted to the chat group each month.

How To Subscribe:

   Do you have a free Yahoo ID?

YES, I have a Yahoo ID: <click here> to log in and send a request to join "PDXAspergersNetwork". (See Note below for additional info to help speed up the approval process)

NO, I've never used Yahoo Groups before: <click here> You will be taken to the Yahoo’s site and shown how to create a free Yahoo Groups ID. If prompted to search for our group use the name "PDXAspergersNetwork" or the keywords: Portland Aspergers. Once you've logged in and found the group then send a request to join. You should see a response to your request within 24 hours.

Please Note:
In the comment box please list your reason for subscribing. To speed up the approval process you can also enter some contact information. It can be your local business phone number, home phone number, or your address with zip code. This information is not saved or shared with anyone. Because of the confidential nature of some disscussions we want to verify, if necessary, that your identity is correct.


We also have a group on Facebook that you can join.