About Portland Aspergers Network (PAN)

Portland Aspergers Network (PAN) was established in Portland, Oregon in 1997 to support families affected by Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). In its infant state it was a small group of parents in a hospital meeting room or a private home who came together to discuss how this little known disorder impacted the lives of other families. There was a strong desire to become educated. There was a human instinct to support. Furthermore there was immediate relief in the idea that our families and our children were no longer alone.

In the past sixteen years PAN has assisted an ever-expanding number of households with a wide range of services. We exist in goodwill to support families whose daily lives are affected by a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

Our mission has been one of reward and success and it is that which validates the necessity of our continued presence in the community and the need to exercise the trust earned therein. We are excited to find ourselves on the leading edge of an important cause and we are ready to take our commitment to the next level.

The Directors and leading members of PAN have long agreed that our ability to build resources and extend our service lies in becoming a legally recognized non-profit organization. We feel it is our duty to poise ourselves as an entity capable of accepting charitable donations from those who wish to aid our efforts.

The responsible use of acquired funds would enhance every program that we currently offer. Additional funding would also enable us to implement new programs and create life-changing opportunities within the community we serve. We feel honored to say that we have earned the faith of our own community and we firmly believe our ideas and goals can work as a model for fellow networks.

Management of Asperger’s Syndrome in our own lives has an irreplaceable value—a value rooted in unique relationships, time-tested strategies, shared information, recognized grief, uncommon realities, proactive attitudes, constant problem-solving, and the wisdom and guidance gained from our daily family experience.